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Host a private show

Invite an artist for a private show in a cozy atmosphere. Be it in your living room, studio, or on your rooftop terrace.



Provide accommodation to touring artists or travelers. Meet people from all over the world and travel with yourself.


Share your space

Do you have free space in your studio, rehearsal room, or any other location? Offer it to artists or art projects of your choice.

Share your living room, rehearsal room, or studio

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Simply register to our platform, add a location to your profile, and choose an artist from our artist pool. Ready? Then simply click on “create event” in your menu bar and fill in your event details. That’s it.

Need some more help? Reach out to Frank via one of the channels provided at the bottom of this page.

Sure thing. When setting up a “secret event”, you can choose whether your event is open to community members or if it’s only for your friends.

That varies between the artists you’d like to book. Please make sure you negotiate a fair deal in beforehand.

By selecting “I can provide my couch (couchsurfing)” in your profile you show artists on tour that you’re willing to accommodate them for a night or two.

Those who need a place to stay will then reach out to you via the platform chat. So always keep an eye on your message inbox.

Yes, this platform is free to use for everyone.

We’re working on finding the most suitable income model for us. For us, it’s important to find a model that enables the project to grow sustainably and simultaneously allows a pricing that reflects the value received.

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