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What our members say

Fabio Steiner

"Little Big Art is more than a platform. It is a helpful community you can count on. Once, the guitar of one of my artists broke an hour before stage time. A short call with the support team and I was connected with a community member who borrowed us his guitar."

Henrik Szanto

"...und dann kommen sie auf die Idee, diese ganzen wilden, entfesselten und gewaltigen Menschen in Verbindung zu bringen und es ist wie im Chemieunterricht, wenn man selbstbewusst mischt: plötzlich ist da Rauch und Nebel und alles ist bunt. Wie schön"


Yes, we welcome any happening that promotes artists and their artistic work.

This includes all kinds of art genres and types (live-shows, workshops, exhibitions, etc….), be it in a public or a private location, online (virtually) or offline.

At private events, the address remains hidden to all who haven’t registered to your event. If you wish, you can make some spots available to other users. This way, only those who reserve a spot, receive the secret address.

Select this type, if access is limited to a closed circle of people e.g. for living room concerts, private parties, events in secret locations.

At public events, the address is openly visible. Use this type if you want to inform as many people as possible about this event. You can add a ticket link and promote your event by letting others participate in a ticket lottery.

Online events let you direct people to your livestream, website or PayPal account in just one click. Select this type if you host a livestream, webinar, or similar virtual event.

If you sell tickets, you can can provide 1×2 guest list tickets to one lucky lottery winner. Every user can participate in the lottery and will get immediate feedback as to whether or not they won. Simply chose a code word when creating the event. The winner automatically receives the code from us. This way, you can identify the lucky one at the day of the event.

Simply send us a message, we will cancel the event for you.

Contact Frank via one of the channels provided at the bottom of this page.

Great! Please tell us about it. Your honest feedback is the best and fastest way for us to learn and design an awesome user experience. 

Contact Frank via one of the channels provided at the bottom of this page.

Yes, you can promote your event for free, if your event is promoting artists, artworks and creative sub-cultures.


If you want to advertise your business, non-art related events or website, please contact Frank via Mail. 



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